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Signatures for Petition for Alternate Shower and Fitness Center

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1 JanaLynott  
2 karenkim Agree 100%
3 AriHouser  
4 ErnestRosemond  
5 RobinCochran  
6 JulianneMacKinnon  
7 ChadLevrini Please help us stay healthy!!!! Thank you!!!!
8 ToddAlbertson  
9 AlanDavis  
10 KaiBrooks  
11 AjayGupta I, and others who are signing this petition, really, really need our gym facilities. Please come give us one of these two options presented. Thank you.
12 MichaelPhillips  
13 CharlotteSpinner Consistent access to fitness center allows AARP to negotiate lower health insurance premiums, too.
14 StephenClifford  
15 PaulKerrigan  
16 OlgaRuiz  
17 Walter CraigHarrison  
18 VeralHylton  
19 KimberlyBarnes  
20 ManjushreeMajhi  
21 TonyClements Agree 1000%. I bike 15 miles to get to work. No shower means no biking to work.
22 AnnMcLarty Jackson I am proud of AARP's committment to employee health and fitness, and applaud the organization's initiative in renovating our exercise facilities. I urge AARP to help us maintain our efforts by working with us to find creative solutions during renovations.
23 LarryLipman I am a daily bicycle commuter with a ride of 12+ mile. I desperately need a shower when I arrive at work.
24 CarlosFigueiredo  
25 MargaretGuroff AARP would not capriciously withhold transit benefits from employees who commute by bus, train or car. Please provide alternate shower facilities for A & B Building staff whose bicycle commutes require them.