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Petition for Alternate Shower and Fitness Center

We, AARP employees, petition AARP to provide alternative access to showering facilities starting on April 11th and lasting as long as the current AARP Fitness Center is closed. The current proposed lack of access to any showering facilities for AARP employees with offices in the A and B buildings during this construction phase is unacceptable. 


Many employees have long bike commutes. Others are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular daily exercise once they have arrived at AARP. Still others must maintain a regular exercise schedule for medical reasons. We are all looking to better our health by working out which helps facilitate good heart rates, lowers blood pressure, maintains good cholesterol numbers, and manages our stress levels. All of these practices are formally encouraged and promoted by AARP. Not showering after these activities is not an option if we are to meet AARP's professional dress code standards.


This remodeling effort has been scheduled during the peak season for spring bicycling, jogging, and other outdoor activities. May 16 is National Bike to Work Day, when more than 10,000 bicyclists from around our region ride together to celebrate sustainable transportation. These are all reasons why an alternative option must be found during the construction period.


We are willing to sign waivers for temporary access to an alternate showering facility in the Shakespeare and/or Terrell Buildings. If this is not an option we feel that AARP should provide regular users of the Fitness Center complimentary, short-term membership with VIDA across the street. Providing some AARP employees with access to showers and a fitness facility but not others is inconsistently applied and unacceptable policy.

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